European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 56, December 2014

Issue n° 56, December 2014

Paper n°1

Ernestos Tzannatos, Stratos Papadimitriou, Aphrodite Katsouli - The cost of modal shift: a short sea shipping service compared to its road alternative in Greece

Paper n°2

Sanjay K. Singh, Shalini Raghav - Productivity Growth and Convergence across Firms: A Case Study of India’s State Transport Undertakings during 2000s

Paper n°3

V. N. Fedotov, A. A. Bazhenov, J. N. Katcuba - Contribution of small capacity buses to level of road accidents and air polluting in the large cities

Paper n°4

Satish Chandra, Rajat Rastogi, Vivek R Das, Ilango T. - Pedestrian behaviour under varied traffic and spatial conditions

Paper n°5

Chongzi Xiao, Chunfu Shao, Meng Meng, Pinxi Wang, Bobin Wang - Lane Flow Distribution ofaLong Continuous Highway

Paper n°6

Ľudmila Jánošíková, Martin Slavík - Modelling passengers’ arrivals at public transport stops

Paper n°7

Ilaria Mariotti, Aleid E. Brouwer - Firm heterogeneity in multinational and domestic firms in Italian logistics

Paper n°8

Linjie Hou1, Harry Geerlings - Port related transport management and the governance of air pollution: A comparative study on emission standards between china and Europe and the position of ports

Paper n°9

Savkin Alexey Nikolaevich, Andronik Artem Valerievich, Gorunov Andrey Igorevich, Sedov Alexander Alexandrovich, Sukhanov Mikhail Alexandrovich - Advanced materials of automobile bodies in volume production

Paper n°10

Iraklis Stamos, Evangelos Mitsakis, Georgia Aifadopoulou, IasonasTamiakis - A methodological approach for capturing future tripgenerating poles

Paper n°11

Piotr Rosik, Marcin Stępniak, Monika Musiał-Malagó - Road and railway potential accessibility of Poland in the European dimension