European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 58, September 2015

Issue n° 58, September 2015

For a simple transmission error of the articles on the electronic platform has been published on the No. 56 December 2014 Article The private and social costs of a car. An estimate for seven cars with different vehicle technologies on sale in Italy signed by Jérôme Massiani, we have taken steps to eliminate to sorry with Jérôme Massiani.


Paper n°1

Amudapuram Mohan Rao, K. Ramachandra Rao - Microscopic simulation to evaluate the traffic congestion mitigation strategies on urban arterials

Paper n°2

SrinivasKodali, Akhilesh Koppineni, Krishna Chaitanya, Siddharth K., Lelitha Vanajakshi - Development of a Telematics Based Advanced Public Transportation System

Paper n°3

PritikanaDas, M. Parida, V. K. Katiyar - Pedestrian Stream Flow Modeling using Single and Multi Regime Concepts

Paper n°4

Csaba Toth - Carpooling in Hungary: can it reduce the GHG emissions of personal transport?

Paper n°5

Frans Bal, Jaap Vleugel- Container ship calls: Triple throughput without an increase in marine CO2, NOx and PM10 emissions?

Paper n°6

Helena Mitwallyová, VukicaJanković, BoženaKadeřábková, KláraČermáková - The Impact of Investments into the Railway Infrastructure in the European Economics

Paper n°7

Koen Mommens, Sean Lestiboudois, Cathy - Modal shift of palletized goods: a feasibility and location analysis for Europe

Paper n°8

Malik Muneeb Abid, Muhammad Babar Khan, Iqbal Muhammad - Timetable Optimization for Single Line Railway

Paper n°9

Ujjal Chattaraj, Arumuga Subhashini - Modelling Traffic Flow on Cloverleaf Interchange

Paper n°10

Amol R. Patil, Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan, Rima Sahani - Estimation of Cordon Based Marginal Congestion Cost for Greater Mumbai Road Network