European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 63, April 2017

Issue n° 63, April 2017


Paper n°1

Aaron Agbenyegah Agbo, Wenfeng Li, Lanbo Zheng, Yanwei Zhang, Charles Atombo - Optimisation of Intermodal Freight Transport Network

Paper n°2

Pallav Kumar, Krinshnanunni, Shriniwas Arkatkar, Gaurang Joshi - Examining Microscopic and Macroscopic Traffic Flow Parameters at Diverging Section on Multilane Urban Roads in India

Paper n°3

Subhadip Biswas, Satish Chandra, Indrajit Ghosh - Use of Lambert W function in determining speed for macroscopic traffic flow models

Paper n°4

Zbigniew Bentyn - Logistic performance development of the countries on the northern corridor of the new silk road

Paper n°5

Mohsen Sadeghi, Gholamali Shafabakhsh- Minlp model for optimum traffic counting location for origin-destination matrix correction

Paper n°6

G. Yannis, A. Theofilatos, P. Alevizou- Critical Factors of Motorcycle Accidents in Greece

Paper n°7

Monica Diana Stanciu, Ioannis Manikas, Petros Ieromonachou- Interaction Between the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Soft Law

Paper n°8

Faisal Mushtaq Awan, Malik Muneeb Abid, Anwar Khitab, Junaid Tariq- Impacts Of Dilemma Zone Situations And Red Light Running On The Safety At Signalised Junctions

Paper n°9

Drisya Manghat, Aswathy KV, Krishnamurthy Karuppanagounder- Automobile Level of Service Criteria for Two-Lane Undivided Heterogeneous Urban Corridors