European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 64, June 2017

Issue 64, June 2017
Special Issue


Francesc Xavier Martínez de Osés - Technological, Innovation and Research Maritime Transport ‘16

Paper n°1

Barros C.P., Mendes J. Zorro, Mendes Dulce, Delgado Olga - Demand of Mozambique seaports

Paper n°2

Reynaldo Montes de Oca, Ernesto Madariaga, Olga Delgado, Sergio García - Induced accident in the maritime sinister of Costa Concordia

Paper n°3

Manuel A. Andrés, Ernesto Madariaga, Olga Delgado, Jesús E. Martínez - Marine pollution in the nautical seaports in Croatia by the effluent of tourists

Paper n°4

Simonetta Zamparelli, Mauro Catalani - Strategy Assessment in Investment of a Dry Bulk Tanker

Paper n°5

Fabio Carlucci, Andrea Cirà- Short Sea Shipping in Italy: Some Evidence from Sicily