European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 77, May 2020

Issue n° 77, May 2020 – Special Issue 2 “TIS Roma 2019”


Matteo Ignaccolo, Michela Tiboni Transport infrastructure and systems in a changing world: towards a safer mobility

Paper n° 1

Essam Dabbour, Abdallah Badran - Understanding how drivers are injured in rear-end collisions

Paper n° 2

Francesco Saverio Capaldo, Daiva Žilionienė - Stiffness of passenger cars: a class analysis

Paper n° 3

Victoria Gitelman, Anna Korchatov, Shalom Hakkert- Alternative transport means in city centers: exploring the levels of use, typical behaviours and risk factors

Paper n° 4

Natalia Distefano, Salvatore Leonardi, Giulia Pulvirenti, Richard Romano, Natasha Merat, Erwin Boer, Ellie Woolridge - Physiological and driving behaviour changes associated to different road intersections

Paper n° 5

Ronald Roberts, Laura Inzerillo, Gaetano Di Mino - Developing a framework for using Structure-from-Motion techniques for Road Distress applications

Paper n° 6

Nicola Baldo, Matteo Miani - Safety Performance Functions for road intersections in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

Paper n° 7

Chiara Gruden, Tiziana Campisi, Antonino Canale, Matjaž Šraml, Giovanni Tesoriere - The evaluation of the surrogate safety measures along a pedestrian confined ramp of an old bridge

Paper n° 8

Vittorio Astarita, Demetrio Carmine Festa, Vicenzo Pasquale Giofrè - Microsimulation and the Evaluation of Safety Levels in the Presence of Roadside Obstacles

Paper n° 9

Giuseppe Cantisani, Giulia Del Serrone, Giorgia Di Biagio - Results of Micro-Simulation Model for Exploring Drivers’ Behavior on Acceleration Lanes

Paper n° 10

Fabrizio D’Amico, Luca D’Ascanio, Maria Chiara De Falco, Chiara Ferrante, Davide Presta, Fabio Tosti - BIM for infrastructure: an efficient process to achieve 4D and 5D digital dimensions