European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 91, February 2023

Issue n° 91, February 2022 - Special Issue 2 “TIS Roma 2022”


Giuseppe Cantisani, Michela Le Pira, Stefano Zampino - New scenarios for transport infrastructures: transition to inclusivity, resilience and sustainability

Paper n° 1
Elena Gaudenzi, Francesco Canestrari, Xiaohu Lu, Fabrizio Cardone - Performance Analysis of Bio-Based Asphalt Mixtures Containing Lignin

Paper n° 2
Gilda Ferrotti, Lorenzo Paolo Ingrassia, Francesco Canestrari - Interlayer bonding properties of warm recycled asphalt pavements

Paper n° 3
Abrar Hazoor, Juan Daniel Perdomo C., Marco Bassani - Adapting V-ISA Technology: Driver Behaviour along Interchange Ramp and Merging/Diverging Terminals

Paper n° 4
Alessandro Calvi, Fabrizio D’Amico, Chiara Ferrante, Claudio Petrella - Assessing the Impact of Safety Countermeasures on Dilemma Zones at Signalized Intersections of Urban Roads: a Driving Simulator Study

Paper n° 5
Giulia Del Serrone, Giuseppe Cantisani, Paolo Peluso - Blending of Floating Car Data and Point-Based Sensor Data to Deduce Operating Speeds under Different Traffic Flow Conditions

Paper n° 6
Baldo Nicola, Indri Valentina, Rondinella Fabio, Daneluz Fabiola - Multivariate Regression of Road Segments’ Accident Data in Italian Rural Networks

Paper n° 7
Luca Tefa, Marco Bassani - Stress dependent behaviour of unbound layers of unselected construction and demolition waste aggregates by lightweight deflectometer tests

Paper n° 8
Salvatore Antonio Biancardo, Mattia Intignano, Diego Menegusso Pires, Francesco Abbondati, Gianluca Dell’Acqua - Heritage BIM Approach for roman pavements

Paper n° 9
Vittorio Ranieri, Nicola Berloco, Stefano Coropulis, Giuseppe Garofalo, Paolo Intini, Michele Ottomanelli - Methods for infrastructure planning in areas close to hospitals at the regional level

Paper n° 10
Salvatore Bruno, Giuseppe Loprencipe, Valerio Marchetti - Proposal for a Low-Cost Monitoring System to Assess the Pavement Deterioration in Urban Roads