European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 15, August 2000

Issue n° 15, August 2000  

Miroslav Mikula, Slavko Šarić, Zvonko Kavran -Traffic safety in using cellular phones while driving a car, pp. 5-7

Joseph Perrin, Peter T. Martin - Saturation Detection for Advanced Urban Traffic Control No Longer a Necessity, pp. 8-15

Elpidio Romano, Vittorio de Riso di Carpinone, Andrea Tocchetti - A methodology for air route planning, pp. 16-26

Željka Šiljković, Martin Glamuzina -The presumptions of Croatian entry into European traffic system in 21st century, pp. 27-30

Shaw-Ching Chang, Chi-Hong Ho - The establishment of a car-following model based on driver's visual angle experiments, pp. 31-36

Tullio Gregori - Transport impact analysis and price propagation effects in Johansen models, pp. 37- 47

Mark Robinson, Bryan Stead - The role of BESTUFS Thematic Network in the promotion of the best practice in urban freight distribution, pp. 48-51

Zdenka Zenzerović, Edna Mrnjavic - Modelling of port container terminal using the queuing theory, pp. 52-58