European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 95, December 2023

Issue n° 95, December 2023

Paper n° 1

Cristian Giovanni Colombo, Michela Longo, Waiba Yaici, Fabio Borghetti - Preliminary Assessment for a Sustainable and Integrated Solar-Powered Transport System in Asmara – Eritrea

Paper n° 2

Krishna Saw, B.K. Katti, Gaurang Joshi, Ashu Kedia - Modelling commuters’ travel time perception on an urban corridor using the fuzzy logic technique: A case study of Surat, India

Paper n° 3

Paola Di Mascio, Antimo Pontillo, Andrea Ponziani, Raducu Dinu, Laura Moretti - Entry Count vs Occupancy Count to assess sector capacity with Fast Time Simulation

Paper n° 4

Rossi Passarella, Siti Nurmaini, Muhammad Naufal Rachmatullah, Harumi Veny - What ADS-B Data Can Tell Us About HL7525(KAL631) Accident at the CEBU Airport

Paper n° 5

Břetislav Andrlík, Lucie Formanová, Michal Mádr - Impact of electromobility development on tax revenues: A case study on Norway