European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 16, December 2000

Issue n° 16, December 2000

Luigi Biggiero, Francesca Pagliata - Calibrating residential location choice model: SP and RP data, pp. 5-9

P.J. Gunaliya, Prabhat Shrivastava, P.L. Dhingra - Model for simultaneous routing and scheduling using genetic alghorithm, pp. 10-19

Romeo Danielis, Lucia Rotaris - Air pollution and human health: the external costs in Italy, pp. 20-28 20-28

Riccardo Bozzo, Alfredo Traverso, Marco Galaverna, Annalisa Delfino - Innovative cargo unit for vehicles transport: tecnical and economic considerations, pp. 29-33

Bhargab Maitra, P. K. Sikdar, S. L. Dhingra - Potential rationalization of on-street parking on urban roads, pp. 34-39

Maria Cleci Martins de Carvalho - Experiment design and logit errors, pp. 40-45

Domenico Gattuso, Giuseppe Musolino - Container traffic flow through Gioia Tauro port in the international and Italian context, pp. 46-52

Jerko Radoš, Juraj Saucha, Diana Mili - Could stoppage of fuel supply from one wing tank endanger stability and control of aircraft?, pp. 53-55