European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 19, December 2001

Issue 17_01

Issue n° 19, December 2001


S. Prabhat and S.M. Reddy - Determination of suboptimal frequencies of suburban trains using simulation, pp. 4-11.

S.L. Dhingra, D. Darda and V. Garg - Simulation and animation of Panama Canal operations, pp. 12-22.

L. Biggiero, F. Pagliara and P. Coppola - Comparative analysis of random utility land-use transport interaction models, pp. 23-82.

P. Coppola and A. Carteni - A study on the elasticity of longrange travel demand for passenger transport, pp. 32-42.

A. Bucchi and A. Simone - Road safety under reduced visibility conditions and in particular in fog presence, pp. 43-49.

V.A. Torbianelli - La chiave dell'intermodalità per il Corridoio Adriatico. Il caso "Autostrade del Mare", pp. 50-.