European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 20, April 2012

Issue n°  50, April 2012

Special issue on: Freight transport analysis: new trends and methodologies. Guest Editors: Edoardo Marcucci and Sean Puckett

Marcucci, E., Puckett, S. - Freight transport analysis: new trends and methodologies. Introduction 

Puckett, S.M., Rose, J.M., Bain, S. - Modelling heterogeneity in scale directly: implications for estimates of influence in freight decision-making groups

de Jong, G. - Application of experimental economics in transport and logistics

Rotaris, L., Danielis, R., Sarman, I., Marcucci, E. - Testing for nonlinearity in the choice of a freight transport service

Alessandrini, A., Delle Site, P., Filippi, F., Salucci, M.V. - Using rail to make urban freight distribution more sustainable

Gonzalez-Feliu, J., Ambrosini, C., Routhier, J-L.  - New trend on urban goods movement: modelling and simulation of e-commerce distribution

Nuzzolo, A., Crisalli, U., Comi, A. - A trip chain order model for simulating urban freight restocking