European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 27, August 2004

Issue n°  27, August 2004

Zito, Pietro and Salerno, Silvia  - Potential demand and cost-benefit analysis of electric cars, pp. 1-14

Cazzaniga Francesetti, Dionisia  - International competitors and Chinese ports, pp. 15-25

Padam,Sudarsanam  and Singh, Sanjay Kumar- Urbanization and urban transport in  India: the search for a policy, pp. 26-44

Maitra, B., Sikdar, P.K. and Dhingra, S. L.  - Modeling of congestion: a tool for urban traffic management in developing countries, pp. 44-56

Maitra, B., Azmi, M., Kumar, N. and Sarkar, J. R. - Modeling traffic impact of flyover at an urban intersection under mixed traffic environment, pp. 57-68 (abstract)