European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 60, April 2016

Issue n° 60, April 2016


Paper n°1

Mansha Swami, Manoranjan Parida - Diagnostic Evaluation of Multimodal Urban Transport System Operation in Delhi

Paper n°2

Ujjal Chattaraj, Jyoti Biraj Das, Suresh Bale - Impacts of Vehicle Pedestrian Interaction on Traffic Flow: Midblock and Intersection

Paper n°3

Simeon C. Calvert, Maaike Snelder - Influence of Weather on Traffic Flow: an Extensive Stochastic Multi-effect Capacity and Demand Analysis

Paper n°4

Richard Vahrenkamp - 25 Years City Logistic: Why failed the urban consolidation centres?

Paper n°5

Christina P. Milioti, Matthew G. Karlaftis, Zoi Christoforou- Financial Recession and Congestion Pricing: Has acceptability been affected?