European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 62, December 2016

Issue n° 62, December 2016


Paper n°1

Praveen Vayalamkuzhi, Veeraragavan Amirthalingam - Safety Performance Evaluation of Multilane Highways Under Heterogeneous Traffic

Paper n°2

P. Padma Rao, A. Pradhan Kumar, B. Bhasker Singh, Aseem Tigga - An Investigation on Sand Asphalt Sulfur Mixes by using Polymer Modified Binder

Paper n°3

Massimo Di Francesco, Massimo Fantola, Lorenzo Lampis, Alessandro Olivo, Alberto Pillai - Introducing a relocation service for one-way carsharing with a first-in first-served policy

Paper n°4

Ismail Çagri Özcan - Risk Management in Turkish Transport BOT Projects

Paper n°5

Yangsheng Jiang, Afaq Khattak, Lu Hu, Juanxiu Zhu, Zhihong Yao- Analytical Modeling of Two-Level Urban Rail Transit Station Elevator system as Phase-Type Bulk Service Queuing System

Paper n°6

Ankit Gupta, Vivek R. Das, Nitin Pundir- Study of Pedestrian Flow Characteristics In Hilly Area

Paper n°7

Fernando Lobo Pimentel- Improving carpool flexibility without compromising trust or guaranteed rides

Paper n°8

Marianna D'Agostino, Antonio Eduardo Favale- The Port of Taranto towards its future