European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 65, August 2017

Issue n° 65, August 2017


Paper n°1

Arpita Saha, Bhupendra Singh, Subhadip Biswas - Effect of nano - materials on asphalt concrete mixes; a case study

Paper n°2

Madhumita Paul, Indrajit Ghosh - A Novel Approach of Safety Assessment at Uncontrolled Intersections using Proximal Safety Indicators

Paper n°3

Krishnamurthy Karuppanagounder, Muneera C P - Performance Evaluation of Urban Links under Heterogeneous Traffic Condition

Paper n°4

Sreela P K, Anjaneyulu MVLR - A case study on worker’s non-work activities on a working day in a medium sized city in India

Paper n°5

M. G. Sreelekha, K. Krishnamurthy, M.V.L. R Anjaneyulu- Fractal Assessment of Road Transport System

Paper n°6

Ujjal Chattaraj, DharitriKahali, Amit Kumar Das- Studies on Impacts of Gender Mix on Pedestrian Fundamental Diagram

Paper n°7

Vivek Singhal, Sukhvir Singh Jain- Road Driver Behaviour Evaluation at Unmanned Railway Level Crossings

Paper n°8

Mukesh kiran K, Nagenra R. Velaga, RAAJ Ramasankaran- A Two-Stage Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm for Vehicle Tracking from GPS Enabled Smart Phones through Crowd-Sourcing

Paper n°9

B. Anil Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Lelitha Vanajakshi, Shankar C. Subramanian- Performance Comparison of Data Driven and Less Data Demanding Techniques for Bus Travel Time Prediction