European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 73, September 2019

Issue n° 73, September 2019


Paper n°1

Manish Patkar, Ashish Dhamaniya - Effect of On-street parking on Effective Carriageway Width and Capacity of Urban Arterial Roads in India

Paper n°2

Mirjana Grdinić-Rakonjac, Boris Antić, Dalibor Pešić, Vladimir Pajković - Benchmarking road safety of Montenegro using envelopment analysis

Paper n°3

Paolo Intini, Pasquale Colonna, Nicola Berloco, Vittorio Ranieri - Rethinking the main road design concepts for future Automated Vehicles Native Roads

Paper n°4

Tiziana Campisi, Antonino Canale, Giovanni Tesoriere - The development of walkability in the historic centre of Enna: the case of Saint Tommaso neighbourhood

Paper n°5

Jesús Muñuzuri, André Alho, João de Abreu e Silva - Evaluating freight loadind/unloading parking zones characteristics, usage and performance in Southern Europe

Paper n°6

Manish Dutta, Mokaddes Ali Ahmed - Capacity of Saturated Streams at Manually Controlled Intersections

Paper n°7

Antonella Maria Chiara Giordano, Rocco Giordano - Infrastructures go beyond the borders, immigration redefines Them. A global and regional prospective