European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 75, March 2020

Issue n° 75, March 2020


Paper n° 1

Narayana Raju, Akhilesh Chepuri, Shriniwas Arkatkar, Gaurang Joshi - A Simulation Study for Improving the Traffic Flow Efficiency of an Intersection Coupled with BRT

Paper n° 2

Hareshkumar Dahyabhai Golakiya, Ritvik Chauhan, Ashish Dhamaniya - Evaluating Safe Distance for Pedestrians on Urban Midblock Sections Using Trajectory Plots

Paper n° 3

Andrea Chiappetta - Cybersecurity benefits and resilience of ports

Paper n° 4

Boski P. Chauhan, Gaurang J. Joshi, Purnima Parida - Development of Candidate Driving Cycles for an Urban Arterial Corridor of Vadodara City

Paper n° 5

Massimo Pisciotta - The volume expansion of artificial road aggregates derived from steelmaking slags

Paper n° 6

Alhossein Mohamed, Peng Qiyuan, Malik Muneeb Abid, Muhammad Iqbal - Integrated Maintenance Logistics Monitoring System for High Speed Rail, Based on Internet of Things Technology