European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 78, June 2020

Issue n° 78, June 2020

Paper n° 1

Sanjaykumar Dave, Gaurang Joshi, K. Ravinder, Ninad Gore - Developing Parking Accumulation Levels to Formulate Land-Use Based On-Street Parking Policies in a Indian city - A case study 

Paper n° 2

Vedant Singh, S. Vaibhav, Virender Singh - Fuel consumption optimisation using structural equation modelling and genetic algorithm approach: The case of commercial aviation

Paper n° 3

Alessio Marabucci - A new proposal for fare differentiation for the Integrated Time Ticket in the city of Rome

Paper n° 4

Belkheir Wissem, Boumediene Ahmed, Brahimi Kouider - A probabilistic approach for permissive left turns from shared lanes at two-stage traffic signals

Paper n° 5

Grigorios Papageorgiou - Economic assessment of pavement maintenance and strengthening techniques in view of implementation cost

Paper n° 6

M. G. Sreelekha, K. Krishnamurthy, M. V. L. R Anjaneyulu - Urban Road Network and its Topology: Case Study of Calicut, India

Paper n° 7

Matteo Ignaccolo, Giuseppe Inturri, Nadia Giuffrida, Vincenza Torrisi - A Sustainable Framework for the Analysis of Port Systems

Paper n° 8

Surendra Reddy Kancharla, Gitakrishnan Ramadurai - Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Multi Depot Two-Echelon Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Paper n° 9

Gourab Sil, Avijit Maji, Akhilesh Kumar Maurya, Suresh Nama - Effects of Inter- Vehicle Interaction on Speed and Lateral Position for Reviewing Free-Flow Condition