European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 80, December 2020

Issue n° 80, December 2020

Paper n° 1

Majid Farag Hichim, Ahmed Shany Khusheef, Saddam Hasan Raheemah - The Effects of Driver Age and Gender on Vehicle Stopping Distance Under Different Speeds 

Paper n° 2

Danish Farooq, Janos Juhasz - Statistical Evaluation of Risky Driver Behavior Factors that Influence Road Safety based on Drivers Age and Driving Experience in Budapest and Islamabad 

Paper n° 3

Malaya Mohanty, Partha Pratim Dey, Bhagyashree Panda - Assessment of traffic safety at median openings using surrogate safety measures: a case study in India 

Paper n° 4

Giovanni Andriulo, Francesco Freddi, Pietro Mattina - A strategy of quick hierarchization of road bridge maintenance activities  

Paper n° 5

Ansu V., M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu - Mode choice of food transport considering heterogeneity among shippers using the latent class analysis 

Paper n° 6

Donato Ciampa, Maurizio Diomedi, Fernando Giglio, Saverio Olita, Umberto Petruccelli, Carlo Restaino - Effectiveness of unconventional roundabouts in the design of suburban intersections

Paper n° 7

Raffaele Mauro, Marco Guerrieri, Andrea Pompigna - Testing roundabout capacity models: a practical aid for choosing the right one based on total capacity calculation

Paper n° 8

Silvia Rossetti, Michela Tiboni - In Field Assessment of Safety, Security, Comfort and Accessibility of Bus Stops: a Planning Perspective