European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 81, March 2021

Issue n° 81, March 2021

Paper n° 1

Malaya Mohanty, Yash Raj, Subhangee Rout, Utkarsh Tiwari, Sagarika Roy, Satya Ranjan Samal - Operational effects of speed breakers: a case study in India

Paper n° 2

Pradeep Chaitanya Jasti, Vinayaka Ram. V. - Estimation of CO2 Emission Savings from a Metro Rail System Using Different Methodologies: A Case Study of Mumbai, India

Paper n° 3

Smruti Sourava Mohapatra, Partha Pratim Dey - Application of Cluster Analysis to Define Level of Service Criteria of U-turns at Median Openings

Paper n° 4

Fabio Porcu, Alessandro Olivo, Giulio Maternini, Mauro Coni, Michela Bonera, Benedetto Barabino - Assessing the Risk of Bus Crashes in Transit Systems

Paper n° 5

Mauro Catalani, Simonetta Zamparelli, Sara Raffio, Federica Pizzolante - A logistic distribution model  of new short sea shipping line along a mutimodal  corridor in Italy

Paper n° 6

Ubaid Illahi, Mohammad Shafi Mir - Transport Sustainability Performance Evaluation using a Multi-stage Multi-tool Hybrid Model

Paper n° 7

Akshara S., S. Marisamynathan - Development of congestion index model and analysis of mitigation measures on urban arterials using microsimulation

Paper n° 8

Donato Di Ludovico, Benedetta Di Giacobbe, Gino D’Ovidio - Analysis of European land transport network, MEGAs and socio-economic setting through Territorial Frames model

Paper n° 9

Pritikana Das, Janak Parmar, Farhat Azad - A Methodology of Evaluating Urban Parking System: Case Study of Delhi

Paper n° 10

Sivakumar Balakrishnan, Krishnamurthy Karuppanagounder - Accommodating the Heterogeneity in Traveller’s Responsiveness in Safe Route Choice Experiment – Study from India