European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 82, June 2021

Issue n° 82, June 2021

Paper n° 1

Kavita Rani, Amardeep Boora, Manoranjan Parida - Statistical Analysis for Assessing the Built Environment Walkability of an Urban Area

Paper n° 2

Anu P. Alex, Manju V. S., Kuncheria P. Isaac - Modelling of Activity-Travel Pattern with Support Vector Machine

Paper n° 3

Sourabh Thakur, Sraddha Maurya, Satish Chandra, Subhadip Biswas - Lambert W Based Speed Reduction Model in Presence of Pedestrian Movements: Case Studies on Undivided Streets

Paper n° 4

Elisabetta Venezia, Lidia Zakowska - An Economic and Social Evaluation Approach to the Sustainable Redesign of Old Urban Street Infrastructure

Paper n° 5

Umberto Petruccelli - Evaluation model for local transit effectiveness to support the service design in weak demand areas

Paper n° 6

Dominik Mrňa, Benedikt Badánik, Andrej Novák - Internet of Things as an optimization tool for Smart Airport concept

Paper n° 7

Tatjana Stanivuk, Ladislav Stazic, Jurica Batinovic, Anamarija Batinovic - Impact of Sars-Cov-2 virus on Maritime Traffic in the Port of Ploce