European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Instruction to Authors

Papers should be written in English, should be of a maximum length of 15 pages (minimum 10) with an abstract of maximum 150 words and a list of references of maximum 2 pages, and should be submitted electronically to

The file of the submitted paper should be sent jointly with this cover letter where you should indicate maximum two areas of interest of the paper.

Submission of a manuscript is considered to be a representation that it has been neither copyrighted (or if copyrighted is clearly marked so that the appropriate permission can be obtained) nor published, that it is not being submitted for publication elsewhere, and that, if the work results from a military contract, it has been released for open publication.

The articles transmitted for publication on the site must be processed as the following template.
The review process will be managed through the Giordano Editore Platform to which the articles will be sent by the authors.
The articles will be subjected to the following procedures:

  • The Publisher will send the articles to the relevant Editors who will have 7 days to identify the two subjects in charge of the referral to which they will send the article.
  • The first reference work must be completed within 30 days if it is accepted.
  • If subjected to “minor revisions” the article must be completed within 20 days, whereas if it is a "major revision" within 60 days.
  • If the competent Editor deems it necessary to revisit the article altogether, he informs the Publisher by requesting in derogation a time that he considers necessary for the revision work which can’t exceed 150 days.
  • After this deadline the article, if it doesn’t reach the accepted Publisher, is considered rejected.


References follow the Harvard style and should include the doi whenever present.

  • Citations in the text comprise the author's surname and the year of publication, e.g.: (Jansson, 1980),(Marguier and Ceder, 1984).

Guidelines for the preparation of the list of references

Article in a journal with one author:
Swait, J. (2001) “A non-compensatory choice model incorporating attribute cut-offs” Transportation Research, Part B: Methodological, 35 (10), pp. 903-28. 

Article in a journal with more than one author:
David, P., Bunn, J. (1988) “The Economics of Gateway Technologies and Network Evolution: Lessons from Electricity Supply History”, Information Economics and Policy, 3 (2), pp. 165-202.

Chapter in a book:
Regan, A. and Garrido, R. (2001) “Modelling Freight Demand and Shipper Behaviour: State of the Art, Future Directions”, In: Hensher, D. (eds) Travel Behaviour Research: The Leading Edge, Pergamon, Amsterdam.

Working paper:
Gavish, B. and Graves, S.C. (1981) "Scheduling and Routing in Transportation and Distribution Systems: Formulations and New Relaxations", Working Paper 8202, Graduate School of Management, University of Rochester , Rocherster , NY.

Urban, D. (1993) Logit – Analyse. Statistische Verfahren zur Analyse von Modellen mit qualitativen Response-Variablen, Gustav Fischer, Stuttgart.

Jaillet, P. (1985) Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problems, Ph.D. thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge , MA

Conference proceedings:
Maggi, R. and Bolis, S. (1999) “Adaptive Stated Preference Analysis of Shippers’ Transport and Logistics Choice”, World Transport Research -Proceedings from the 8th World Conference on Transport Research, (H. Meersman, E. Van de Voorde, W. Winkelmans eds.), Pergamon, Amsterdam.