European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 97, May 2024


Giulio Maternini, Michele Pezzagno, Michela Tiboni, Maurizio Tira - New challenges for sustainable urban mobility

Paper n° 1

Fulvio Morgese, Simona De Bartolomeo, Mario Binetti, Leonardo Caggiani  - A tourism accessibility indicator for multimodal bike-public transport trips in a metropolitan area

Paper n° 2

Luca Mantecchini, Francesco Paolo Nanni Costa, Maria Nadia Postorino, Valentina Rizzello - A modelling framework to support the development of last-mile urban freight distribution systems based on the use of cargo bikes

Paper n° 3

Giuseppe Musolino, Corrado Rindone, Francesco Russo and Antonino Vitetta - Towards a sustainable mobility as a service: general framework and models’ evolution

Paper n° 4

Rosita De Vincentis, Ahmed Hamouda, Marialisa Nigro, Arianna Stimilli - Level of Propensity: a zonal metric for evaluating the multimodal option Electric Micromobility and Public Transport

Paper n° 5

Tom Cohen - Pursuing road justice through cross-party advocacy

Paper n° 6

Alessandro Calvi, Fabrizio D’Amico, Andrea Vennarucci - Distraction Effects of Manual Texting and Voice Messaging When Approaching Pedestrian Crossings on Urban Roads: a Driving Simulator Study

Paper n° 7

Andrea Baldassa, Federico Orsini, Giulia De Cet, Mariaelena Tagliabue, Riccardo Rossi, Chiara Vianello, and Massimiliano Gastaldi - Which factors are related to crossing speed and road violations? A virtual reality study on young people’s crossing behavior.

Paper n° 8

Victoria Gitelman, Assaf Sharon - Can zigzag marking improve pedestrian safety at unsignalized crosswalks? An observational before-after study in Israel

Paper n° 9

Silvia Rossetti, Barbara Caselli, Federica Stabile, Lea Jeanne Marinelli, Martina Carra - How do SUMPs Consider Factors Influencing Walkability and Cyclability? A Review of Literature and Planning Tools

Paper n° 10

Michela Le Pira, Natalia Distefano, Elena Cocuzza, Salvatore Leonardi, Giuseppe Inturri, Matteo Ignaccolo - Pedestrian mobility and University campus accessibility: an analysis of student preferences

Paper n° 11

Mario Tartaglia, Elodie Petrozziello - Measuring the impact of institutional and territorial drivers for an efficient and smooth Mobility as a Service (MaaS) implementation: a global analysis

Paper n° 12

Claudia Caballini, Erika Olivari, Carlotta Gasparini, Bruno Dalla Chiara - Mobility as a Service: an Italian MaaS pilot at regional level with public governance