European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 83, September 2021

Issue n° 83, September 2021

Paper n° 1

Lalit N. Patil, Hrishikesh P. Khairnar - Assessment of Risk Associated with the Quiet Nature of Electric Vehicle: A Perception of EV Drivers and Pedestrians at Mumbai Metropolitan Region-India

Paper n° 2

Tiago Rodrigue, Alexandra Lavaredas, Nuno Abranja - Tourism and intraregional transport: The assimilation of local transport in tourist destination – the perception of Lisbon’s residents

Paper n° 3

Ujjal Chattaraj - Development of a Microscopic Fuzzy Inference Based Cellular Automata Model for Pedestrian Flow

Paper n° 4

Brajesh Mishra, Fateh Bahadur Singh, Ronak Batra - Impact of Regional Air connectivity on Regional Economic Growth in India

Paper n° 5

Jihane El Ouadi, Nicolas Malhene, Siham Benhadou, Hicham Medromi - Support vector machines and k-means to build implementation areas of bundling hubs

Paper n° 6

Claudia Caballini, Bruno Dalla Chiara, Maria Vittoria Corazza, Antonio Musso - Role of COVID-19 and motionless communication on expected trends of mobility: an evidence from Italian and Turin data

Paper n° 7

Roza E. Barka, Ioannis Politis - Fitting Volume Delay Functions under interrupted and uninterrupted flow conditions at Greek urban roads

Paper n° 8

B. Andrlík, M. Smékalová - Measuring costs of noise pollution generated by freight transport: Case of the Slovak and Czech Republic

Paper n° 9

Socrates Basbas, Tiziana Campisi, Georgios Georgiadis, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rashid, Giovanni Tesoriere - COVID-19 and public transport demand trends in Sicily: analyzing external factors and governmental recommendations