European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 85, December 2021

Issue n° 85, December 2021 - Special Issue “LWC Brescia 2021”


Giulio Maternini, Michela Tiboni, MaurizioTira - New Scenarios for Safe Mobility in Urban Areas

Paper n° 1

Chiara Gruden, Irena Ištoka Otković, Matjaž ŠramlPedestrian safety at roundabouts: a comparison of the behavior in Italy and Slovenia

Paper n° 2

Victoria Gitelman, Anna Korchatov - Exploring safety-related behaviours of e-cyclists on urban streets; an observational study

Paper n° 3

Natalia Distefano, Salvatore Leonardi, Giulia Pulvirenti - Experimental analysis of pedestrian behavior at different configurations of crosswalks at roundabout legs

Paper n° 4

Francesco Russo, Domenica Savia Pellicanò, Giuseppe Iiritano, Giovanna Petrungaro, Maria Rosaria Trecozzi - From global goals to local development: the role of regional plan for sustainable urban mobility

Paper n° 5

Federica Gaglione, Carmela Gargiulo, Floriana Zucaro, Caitlin Cottrill - 15-minute neighbourhood accessibility: a comparison between Naples and London

Paper n° 6

Gerardo Carpentieri, Rocco Papa, Carmen Guida - Urban Planning for Transit-Oriented Development: An application in the Naples metropolitan area

Paper n° 7

Vladimir Pajković, Mirjana Grdinić-Rakonjac - Road users’ attitudes and perception on selected road safety issues – age-related comparison

Paper n° 8

Aristomenis Kopsacheilis, Marios Fourkiotis, Chrysanthi Kazaklari, Ioannis Politis - Capacity of deep learning algorithms on modelling pedestrian behaviour at crossings with countdown signal timer installations

Paper n° 9

Angela Carboni, Miriam Pirra, Mariana Costa, Sofia Kalakou - Gender perceptions of active mobility: Insights from three European cities

Paper n° 10

Barbara Caselli, Martina Carra, Silvia Rossetti, Michele Zazzi - From urban planning techniques to 15-minute neighbourhoods. A theoretical framework and GIS-based analysis of pedestrian accessibility to public services

Paper n° 11

Romano Fistola, Mariano Gallo, Rosa Anna La Rocca - Cities between smartness and emergencies: exploring the role of e-scooter in the “transition era”

Paper n° 12

Fulvia Pinto, Mina Akhavan - Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic City: urban planning strategies and challenges of making “Milan 15-minutes city”