European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 87, June 2022

Issue n° 87, June 2022

Paper n° 1

Sandra Albert, S. Marisamynathan - Pedestrian Road Crossing Behavior and Optimal Selection of Pedestrian Facilities at Mid-Block Crossings 

Paper n° 2

Emmanouil Doundoulakis, Spiros Papaefthimiou, Ioannis Sitzimis - Environmental impact assessment of passenger ferries and cruise vessels: the case study of Crete

Paper n° 3

Domenico Gattuso, Gian Carla Cassone, Domenica Savia Pellicanò - Its experimental applications in a freight interchange platform

Paper n° 4

Kanyepe James, Tukuta Marian, Chirisa Innocent - Residential Density and Traffic Congestion in the Harare Metropolitan Region

Paper n° 5

Domenico Gattuso, Cassone Gian Carla, Mai Serge - Energy savings through innovative and automated freight trains

Paper n° 6

Arpita Saha - Delay in Oversaturated Flow Condition at Signal Controlled Intersection under Heterogeneous Traffic Scenario