European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 74, December 2019

Issue n° 74,  December 2019


Paper n°1

Malaya Mohanty, Satya Ranjan Samal - Role of young drivers in road crashes: A case study in India 

Paper n°2

Pritikana Das, Mukti Advani, P. Parida, M. Parida, S.P. Singh - Development of Landuse based Pedestrian Level of Service in Indian Context

Paper n°3

Doron Lavee - The impact of investment in transport infrastructure on employment: the case of Israel 

Paper n°4

Amit Kumar Das, Ujjal Chattaraj - Work Zone Traffic Simulation using Cellular Automata 

Paper n°5

Ramjit Nandakumar, Mithun Mohan - Analysis of traffic growth on a rural highway: A case study from India

Paper n°6

Juraj Bukša, Alen Jugović, Donald Schiozzi, Renato Oblak - The Compromise Model as a Method of Optimizing the Operation of Nautical Tourism Ports