European Transport / Trasporti Europei

Issue n° 79, September 2020

Issue n° 79, September 2020

Paper n° 1

Miriam Pirra, Marco Diana - Stated interest, actual use or indifference towards car sharing: profiling students and staff of a university campus in Turin (Italy)

Paper n° 2

The article has been retracted.

Paper n° 3

Mitra Movassaghi, Soroush Avakh Darestani - Cross-docks scheduling with multiple doors using fuzzy approach

Paper n° 4

Sowjanya Dhulipala, Ashu Kedia, B. K. Katti - Multi-route choice modelling in a metropolitan context: A comparative analysis using Multinomial Logit and Fuzzy Logic based approaches

Paper n° 5

Krishnapriya M. G., Soosan George T. - Mode choice behaviour of students, integrating residential location characteristics: a study from Kochi City, India

Paper n° 6

Afzal Ahmed, Syeda Ofaq Raza Zaidi, Mir Shabbar Ali, Palwasha Gul - Modelling Behaviour of Shuttle Service Users and Preference towards a Proposed Bus Rapid Transit Line

Paper n° 7

Mahesh L. Chaudhary - Commuters’ Perceptions on Service Quality of Bus Rapid Transit Systems: Evidence from the Cities of Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot in India

Paper n° 8

Bhavesh Dhonde, Chetan R. Patel - Sharing of trips before electrification of fleet: a cost-effective solution for reducing the environmental impact of urban freight transport in developing countries

Paper n° 9

Amir Izadi, Faramarz Jamshidpour, Daniel Safari, Vahid Najafi Moghaddam Gilani - Accident Analysis of Bus Rapid Transit System: Before and after construction

Paper n° 10

Eftihia Nathanail, Giannis Adamos, Lambros Mitropoulos, Ioannis Karakikes, Irina Yatskiv - How efficiently educational programs prepare professionals to meet current and future challenges of transport interchanges